Sunday, May 8, 2011

My writing week 4 (19)

Divine Article on Universal Remotes

I have a new article up on Divine about universal remote controls. The article was inspired by the inability of my mother to control a set-top box. The buttons on its remote control were too small for her arthritic fingers to control. She has the same problem with the remote for a Sony DVD recorder. I am hoping that someone who reads the article will suggest a universal remote control that is suitable for her.

Divine Cataract Surgery

If you have cataracts that are interfering with your life, but are too worried about getting them removed, you should have a read of my next article for Divine about cataract surgery. It details my first had experience. Cataracts run in my family. Both grandmothers had problems with them. My mother has had them removed, as have uncles and aunties on both sides of the family.

Source Code

The movie Source Code is nowhere near as good as Inception, but it is better than most of the crap alien invasion and comic book garbage being served up as science fiction lately. Source Code is directed by Ducan Jones, who also directed the Hugo award winning Moon. It’s more of a thriller than action movie. Like Moon, it relies more on story than special effects.

Source Code is set on a train in the near future in Chicago. I will give you no plot details as, like Moon, they will be spoilers.

My Writing

Family visited. Garage boy next door seems to have become garage boys with the accompanying increase in noise. It seems they want a war. I returned fire at their parents this morning. When not thinking up scenarios for future battles, Divine magazine took up my writing time: writing an article and arguing over edits for the other.

Television Misinformation

I could do with a week long drinking session. Numbing the brain would help me forget the misinformation surrounding me. I even got sucked in by the fake pictures of a shot-in-the-head Osama Bin Laden on the telly.

I remember a few years ago hearing about research into television news which showed that it frequently left people less informed than before they viewed it. Last week’s collections of sound and vision bites on the news from ABC, Nine and Seven definitely confirmed this.


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Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Graham,
look forward to reading your article on cataract surgery as both my parents have had them removed.
I'll also keep an eye out for the SF movie, Source Code...Karen :))