Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review of Timesplash by Graham Storrs

TimeSplashTimeSplash by Graham Storrs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this novel by Australian Graham Storrs. It is about terrorists going back in time and causing mayhem,resulting in ripples in time. These ripples splash through to the present causing havoc capable of destroying cities.

After a friend of Jay's dies at a timesplash gig, he becomes a policeman who is seconded by interpol to try and stop the terrorists. He is added by Sandra, the beautiful ex-girlfriend of the chief timesplasher Sniper.

From the start of the novel I was drawn in and the tension continued for it entire length. The novel travelled the world and, with my limited knowledge, that world seemed real. I was interested to read that Graham Storrs lived in London where much of the novel is set.

It reminded me of a James Bond type spy thriller set a few decades into the future. Perhaps the one quibble I had was the dialogue, which sometimes seemed more last century, than the way they might talk in mid-21st century.

This was the first ebook I have read. I read it on a Kindle which unfortunately malfunctioned towards the end, so some of my concentration was taken from the words and place on what the Kindle was doing. I had to get the Kindle replaced to enable me to finish reading the story.

I would recommend Timesplash to anyone in the mood for a fast paced adventure thriller. I reckon you don't have to be into science fiction, like I am, to enjoy it.

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graywave said...

Graham, thanks for this. It was very kind of you, and I'm very glad you liked it.

Maybe your thing about the dialogue was something to do with the way English middle-class folk speak? I'm pretty sure the Aussie impression of English diction is something like the American impression of Canadian speech. ;-) Or I might just have got it wrong. Stranger things have happened!

Graham Clements said...

I was perhaps a bit lazy in the way I said it, but some of the terms they used like "Man" as in hey man what are you up to, which I think the bricks used. And "cool" - just some of the terminology they used was sixties, seventies, eighties etc.

graywave said...

Graham, that was absolutely deliberate. Much of the spalshparty sub-culture is based on the 2nd half of the 20th Century - the target for all their timesplashes. You may also have noticed that all the nicknames people used as well as their slang came from the same period.

Graham Clements said...

Thanks for that information Graham. I did not make the connection between the jumps to the second half of the 20th century and the jargon. I can remember reading that the furtherest they had jumped back was about the sixties. In the novel there are only two jumps, one back to 9010's and the first one back to...? Can't remember - but probably the sixties. Yes, I did notice that all their slang did come from that era, not sure if Jay's and Sandra's did, and that was part of my original quibble that I did not elaborate on in the review.