Sunday, November 7, 2010

My writing week 3 (44)

Hi all,

Surprisingly, the neighbours have been quiet for most of the past week. Their teenage son, who lives in the garage, has not had his doff doff doff music on since last Wednesday night, and then it was only on at level low enough to be drowned out by a fan. I find it hard to believe, after our history with the neighbours, that he stopped due to me asking his mother to get him to turn it down last Tuesday. Perhaps other neighbours have complained, like the one I spoke to them last Tuesday too. They would have been most affected.

It is so good to get some sleep. I reckon I need at least eight hours a night, especially on swimming days. With more sleep I found myself doing some writing, critiquing and reading last week.

In my last writing week update, I forgot to mention that I had another article published on Divine. This one was about the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. It was the first straight news item I had written for the magazine and I wrongly tried to personalise it a bit. So the editor made a few changes. I have written and had published two articles in October. That makes four all up.

I plan to write another article this week. This one is about what happened when we placed my father in a nursing home. It is a companion piece to a previous article I wrote about caring for my father who had dementia.

I have work for the Victoria state elections on the 27th of November. Before then, I need to read an 80 page manual, watch a training DVD and complete online training. They certainly make you earn your money.

The excellent x-file-ish Fringe is back on GO this Wednesday. So along with Caprica and Stargate Universe, I have some good new release science fiction to watch. I just wish the morons at Channel 7 had promoted The Event as science fiction, as I only read this week that it had aliens in it. I have missed all its episodes so far. Dumb dumb dumb Channel 7. No wonder no one is watching it. Hopefully it will turn up on cable.



Ninja said...

You know Caprica has been cancelled?

Graham Clements said...

That's a shame. Another very good science fiction show bites the dust, like The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Torchwood and Odyssey Five. I am surprised Fringe has lasted three seasons. While some piffle goes on for years, like Stargate. Stargate Universe is good, more real characters, more adult situations.