Sunday, August 29, 2010

My writing week 3 (34)

Hi all,

I have been accepted by the online magazine Divine to write one article per month for the next twelve months. The original request for writers had only six month contracts, but I still reckon I have more than enough ideas for articles.

Divine is aimed at people with disabilities but topics are wide ranging. I still have no idea how much I will be paid per article and will probably have to wait until my first meeting with the management of the magazine in early October to find out. The contract period does not begin until October which gives me plenty of time to write a couple of articles and get ahead of schedule. One of the articles I plan to write will require a bit of research, another two might come from the this week's Aussiecon 4.

Yaaahooo Aussiecon 4, which I have been sooo looking forward too, starts this Thursday, and I will be down in Melbourne for the whole convention. I was worried that I might run out of things to do but I have just finished going through the programme and I have highlighted 83 panel discussions. About a third are must attend, like the one on climate change geo-engineering run by mega-science fiction author and physicist Gregory Benford, loved his novel Timescape.

Besides lots of science fiction sessions there are plenty of discussions conducted by editors too. One session on medical ethics might make a good article for Divine. I also particularly want to see Sean McMullen and Chine Mieville in action.

Between sessions, I hope to say hello to many fellow writers who I know through social networking sites. I also hope to catch up with a few friends that live in Melbourne. So I am going to be really busy.

Last week I did a bit more writing of a novella, with its new extended ending finally near completion. I also did some critiquing.

My next blog might be a bit late next week as I am sure I will have plenty to write about.



devinjay said...

Every time I look at the programme, my eyes glaze over, roll up in my head, and I wake hours later. It's like I'm ACTUALLY scared of AussieCon 4. *sigh*

Anthony J Langford said...

Congrats Graham - that's all very exciting.
I have a story launched in Verandah Journal this Sat in Melbourne..I blogged about it.. maybe you could go in my
Have a great time in wet Melbourne.