Sunday, April 26, 2009

My writing week 2(17)

Hi all,

Well I did more writing last week than the week before, but that aint saying much. I have made quite a few changes to chapter two and added a bit too. Chapter two was originally the second part of a novella so it contained the story's revelations, but as I have now extended it into a novel, those revelations don't need to occur in chapter two and can be sprinkled throughout the rest of the novel.

If you read my review of the very good Time Machines Repaired While U Wait, you would have seen my comments about what I consider to be good and bad time travel stories. As it happened, I had just finished critiquing a time travel story which fell into the bad category. It had as its premise a very unoriginal idea, on par with going back and killing Hitler. I wonder how many writers in the future will be tempted to write a story where their protagonist goes back in time and convinces George W. Bush that a career in catering, at say McDonald's, would be more suited to his talents.

I didn't do much reading last week. Too tired after my efforts to keep fit and stop life from overrunning me. At least it rained and, for about the first time in two years, I could delay watering the garden.

And if you are wondering, I still haven't received my stimulus package money. It's also time to bug Aussiecon 4 again, because they are still yet to send me an acknowledgement of my membership payment.

Here's hoping I can speed up my novel editing this week.


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